Hi There!!

It has been a long chewed thought to start a Blog. I need to admit I have strayed to this part of word press beyond reading, more than a couple of times,thinking of setting up a Blog online.The sheer amount of dedication and consistency required to do it , kind of contradicted with my highly whimsical nature. But Life has move on beyond that phase now, its taught me some patience and some restrain. It has led me to believe….

It will all happen when it has to happen….

Due to these newly instilled attributes I found myself yet again in this space. So here’s an attempt to share my wandering experiences with like minded strangers and slowly build bonds for the love of  my wandering spirit.I love to roam places, alone and at times along with some similarly immersed company.I have realized the fact that the soul is by essence a wanderer, transient across the passages of time…..and it resonates with its primary bohemian attribute when it floats about places, unsettled….and  yet at  home .

I often say this.. that I hate the ego that comes in,when I say I travel.I prefer to be in sync with my bohemian soul and say… I wander..

Cheers to the Bedouin spirit within.

Shilpa S


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