Greeting The Dawn

So dreamy. Was the word in my head…as i opened my sleepy mind to the view outside…fog settled surroundings,Far from the cries of hustling polluted Mumbai…Madhya Pradesh had dawned literally …and the desire to run into the fog was frightening .I said I want to get down just now not Omkareshwar but here at Maheshwar… Any place quick… Don’t want to miss this morning.. He looked at me as if I have lost my mind…said this would take you directly  to Badwa.. easier for Omkareshwar…I fought the urge and paid …ahhh okkk .. Foggy morning… I shall see You tomorrow…Maheshwarrrrrr…so lovely!

Little fella next to me.. Jabbered as i tried to keep from sleeping… Don’t want to go to Indore he was saying.. Life is better here …;)..

Omkareshwar was waking up as I get out d bus and walked..nothing great i already myself making my signature quick opinions.. Had a lazy cuppa n did some chai talk…walked on ..n my opinion inflated in the next minute when I first cast a glance at the waters.

Transfixed I was…its that moment when u meet a stranger but somehow he has always been waiting for you to call out to him. The sight hugs ur soul…says its mine now than u know me… Its when i realized my true soul and perhaps everyones is really a bohemian junkie … Seeking to do nothing more than lose itslf in the trance of what connects it to something powerful and mysterious…suddenly d world seems like such a small dot… Like a sesame seed.. And a whole vastness opens up within me… Longing to explode… Its amazying…we r amazying…


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