Morning Reverence



Mornings at Varanasi are mesmerizing, and any one who has been there would agree to this. There is reverence in the air ,which is felt manifold times as one silently paces over the multiple ghats.Every morning i was there i woke up and dashed to the ghats to take the sunrise ferry. There was nothing remotely comparable to the beautiful vibrations of the atmosphere at sunrise. The gentle sound of the rowing boat as the waters chuckled away on the push of the oars, the light clanks of the Kashi temple bells, some faraway chanted prayers and above all the Ganga sparkling in the soft morning sun, all of this a touches your soul making you feel alive to the gorgeous force that the place holds. To add to the beauty are these ever hungry  seagulls who never seem tired of chasing your boats.

  • all images are low res to allow faster loading of the blog.

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