Morning Reverence

Morning Reverence :
The quintessential morning image from the Ghats of Varanasi.

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Sunrise at Majuli Island

There are many a beautiful sunsets we see, but seldom a Sunrise as beautiful , captivating and charming as this one at Majuli island, Assam. The golden aura of the still waters and the beautiful filtering of the rays through the thicket along the banks, urged me to tread along carefully admist the red carpet of fallen flowers , beckoning me into the wonderland, beyond the thicket.

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Chilka Lake Orissa

The most melancholy image etched in my mind is probably this one shot from series of pics taken at Chilka lake in Bhubaneshwar Orissa. The stillness of the place, mirrored reflections, dainty chirping of the morning birds against the changing hues of morning skies and the ocassional sound of the water dribbling from the flight of a joyously dipping bird are nothing one can probably experience elsewhere. The vast expanse of the beautiful Chilka embraces the Sun at its horizons. Could the humble fishing nets have looked any more beautiful than here.. Lying in wait neatly rolled.. Eager to get drenched in the waters.

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