I have been treading across India by large wanting to see every nook and corner. The journeys take me to beautiful places and patch me up with beautiful people on the way.

Not being an ardent travel blogger, I most of the times shy away from penning down my journeys at every place. I believe that pictures convey a lot more. They have the power to captivate the audience at a fraction of a second and engage them for long after the moment has passed from the screen. Photography is a medium that has a powerful relationship with the audience due to the easily absorbed and universally understood visual format.

Words can be forgotten and so can be the details, but a picture seen is a picture frozen, imprinted on the canvas of our hungry minds.

Photravel is a bunch of selective images from my various journeys,carefully picked to bring the essence of the place and the people I met right to you,without strapping you on to my words. Time is precious and I would love the little of yours that comes my way.

Would you wish to know more about a certain place after flipping through the images, do feel free to reach out to me and I will definitely help you across at best as I can.Love!