Kalga : Into a Fairytale

Kalga , which doesnt even pop up on the map often, is as close to a fairyland as i have experienced in life. Its dreamy, heady, ethereal … everything you link to joy and divinity. I pray this place remains such pristine and humble ..enticing you with a life of scented apple orchards and nestling clouds.

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Tosh : The Happy Hamlet

At an Altitude above Kasol, Tosh offered spectacular views of the valley and the mountains around.But more than that Tosh will stay in memory as a very warm place with life happening like it is meant to be. Women knitting and tending to cattle and kids galore playing without phones.Fondness seeped into my heart here as i spend my evening with almost 60 kids gathered in the main chowk..happiness thrives in simplicity

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